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Long Melford Antiques Fair

1st Wednesday of each month:

9am – 3.00pm

The only and longest running mid-week date lined Antiques Fair in the world. Now in its 33rd year, it is held on the first Wednesday of every month and attracts the trade and public from many parts of the country because of the ever changing and fresh quality stock being exhibited by the 42 professional dealers.

As a date lined event, it means that nothing is later than 1930, but a majority of items are pre 1900 and going back to medieval, and even pre-history times.

Admission: £1.00

Refreshments are available.

Dates 2024:

3 January
7 February
6 March
3 April

1 May
5 June
3 July
7 August

4 September
2 October
6 November
4 December